Small Bedroom Designs

Bed and Bedroom Designs

October 25th, 2017

There are many factors to keep in mind while designing a bedroom such as bed and bedding, furniture and fixtures, lighting, flooring and color combinations. But the most important factor to decide is the bed. Select the bed as per the size of the room. Think upon the shape, comfort and storage. Today markets offer designer beds with the facility to store inside the drawers, side boards and foot boards and also beneath the bed. You can store your stuffs such as pillows, blankets, rugs, bedding’s and much more to save space. Keep unwanted stuff out of your eyes by storing it tactfully and smartly. A Shelf or a simple cabinet for books can also enhance the look of the bedroom. Minimum display of things in the bedroom can make it look more spacious and clean. Sofa cum bed is a new and distinctive idea for small bedroom. Go for compressed furniture and fixtures.

Even though deciding on the color scheme are often personal issues there are some colors which are more relaxing and better suited for your sleeping spot. Brighter colors may lead to a better mood but may also keep you awake for a longer time at nights. Avoid dark and dull colors for your bedroom. If you love using colors like blue, red and brown for your furnishings then go for fresh and light colors for bedroom walls. Furniture in this room generally looks good in brown. However you can experiment with other colors if you want a different look for your space. Try to use bedding’s with fresh colors. Fresh colors make you feel happy and contended. Bedroom will look bigger and better with pink, purple, white, cream and yellow colors. Experiment with printed stuff for your bed sheets and curtains. Go with combinations of your choice. Use ultra soft materials for your bed sheets and pillows. Do not hesitate to mix and match.

Cotton or cotton blends are a good choice for summer. Flannel keeps you warm in winters. Satin and silk can also be a good option for your bed sheets and pillow covers. Think about the scheme you want. Do not hesitate to mix and match. Simple strips, floral designs or a plain bed sheet with printed pillow covers can also make your bed look elegant. These colors and combinations must necessarily go a match with the color of the walls. They should complement each other or else the room would turn chaos. Bed and bedding are very important aspects, when it comes to designing of the bedroom. The first thing people would notice is the bed and bedding when they walk to this space of your house. Check the thread count on the label before you buy bedding. More the tread count more the comfort. The higher the thread counts the more expensive the sheet or bedding.

Go for your own ideas. Think on how you want your personal space to look like. Add a compact lampshade near your bed. A plain bed sheet and a printed lampshade would also look elegant. Add night lamps which are wall mount to save space in your bedroom. Go for artistic photo frames or art prints, affixed to the walls near the bed. Your bedroom should show your personality therefore go with something new and creative. Go for consistent designing. Don’t overdo things. Simplicity would add to the look of the room.

A beautiful centre table or a piece of art can make the bedroom look attractive. You can keep a piece of art on the table. Add a rug at the centre of the room or next to the bed. Match up it with other accessories in the room. Keep size of the rug limited to the size of the room. Decide upon the colors you want to use for your bed and bedding’s. Bold, warm, `neutral or cool, every color has its own importance. Choose color as per your taste and wish. Your bedrooms are a place to rest, tranquil and relax. Therefore make your bedroom a comfortable place for reading, writing and studying. Use modular and simple furniture to make the bedroom spacious. Use vibrant flower vases and beautiful flowers placed in it, to create an aromatic environment. Go for aromatic candles in the room.

Figuring out the furniture layout is the most important decision. Your space can easily get cramped with clothes, bedding’s and furniture. So it becomes very essential to figure out that what layout provides enough storage and still leaves for you space to easily move around. Once you decide on furniture decide on furnishings for your bedroom. Experiment with colors for your walls, art pieces, bed and bedding’s, rugs and the comforters and linens. If your bedroom space is big enough to add something inventive then complete designing with a sitting room, master bathroom and a walk in closet. A bedroom is not only a space to sleep, but also a place where you can relax with activities like reading, writing and listening to good music. You can add a personal relaxing chair and a comfortable table to the bedroom for reading and writing. A sofa or a coffee table is also a good idea for designing your bedroom. Add a fireplace or a coffee or wet bar to the room. This would help you mostly in winters.

How To Make Small Bedrooms Look And Be More Spacious

October 24th, 2017

Not all homeowners have bedrooms they can call spacious. And this is especially true for people who live in apartments or flats that are already small: their bedrooms will also tend to be not that big in space. Since they also live in small homes already, even if they want to renovate to expand or make their bedrooms bigger, they cannot do so because the overall area space just cannot allow them to do so.

The good news for people who find their bedrooms small and campy is that there are certain remodeling and improvement tips you can follow and carry out to make your beloved sleeping chamber look bigger and more expansive. By doing and following the tips below, you can move around and stay more comfortably in your bedroom.

For starters, get rid of any clutter in your small bedroom (and even around your home) to really maximize the space you are currently staying in. You will find that throwing or giving away any unused items at your place will certainly give you additional space to move around.

If you have the budget and time, change the paint color of your room. In general, having lighter paint colors in any room makes it looks more spacious and can induce a brighter ambience and over-all mood in it.

You can also place big mirrors around your room. Mirrors reflect light and images and when you have them in your bedroom, they will produce an illusion that your room is more spacious than it actually is.

Another trick to make small bedrooms look larger is to invest in high quality and space-saving bedroom furniture. For instance, you can get a loft bed so that you can still hide or place some of your other stuff under it. Or have a specially-designed book-shelf mounted on the wall that does not reach the floor so that you are given additional space to move around. For kids who have small bedrooms, parents can get high sleeper beds for them. This will certainly provide children additional playing spaces in their rooms or bare areas to place additional stuff in.

Lastly, it is important to arrange all the furniture in your sleeping room properly to give you more movement and good traffic. This means not placing your bed in the center of the room since this can just prohibit your free movement. The same goes for any tables, the TV and other bulky furniture that you think looks better when they are in the middle of your room. Place them beside walls or in corners so that you can have more space to walk in and move around.

Maximize Your Small Bedroom

October 22nd, 2017

Bedroom is a place where we feel freedom since this is our private place. This is the only room where nobody can enter as they like. This room is basically functioned as a place to take rest. We sleep in our bedroom after we have done many exhausting activities all day long. When you feel so tired you need a cozy place to lie on and take away the fatigue. Don’t let your sleep disturbed just because of uncomfortable bedroom. You can fix the room so that you can feel fresh for tomorrow’s activities.

You probably have a problem to design a neat and comfortable bedroom since it is small while you have to put some furniture to store all your private goods. Don’t worry about this. We have some tips to make small bedroom look more spacious. Yet, the first thing you have to pay attention is that you should not place large furniture within it. Then you may take a look at the following steps to maximize your small bedroom.

1. Choose a bed with simple model. Make sure that you place it not too high from the ground. Keep it as low as possible.
2. Place the bed in the corner of your room, close to the wall.
3. Put outside the headboard of your bed since it spends more space. If you need to put some decoration, you can hang some picture on the wall at the head of the bed. It is more efficient to keep your bedroom looking attractive.
4. Put only the fundamental furniture for your bedroom: bed, cupboard and bedside table. Make sure that you lay the large furniture against the wall.
5. Choose storage with slender design which stands vertically, like a highboy or closet instead of a triple dresser. For addition storage, you can pick out bedside table with drawers. You can also optimize storage for your goods by choosing cupboard with shelves or drawers. It is better than you put another closet or cupboard for storage since it will choke the room.
6. Do not put many pictures on all sides of the wall. Let one wall blank to reduce the crowd.
7. Avoid crowded patterns like flowers, polka dots, and stripes.
8. Choose pale color for painting. Yet, pick out pure-white for ceiling.
9. Use ceramic tile diagonal pattern for flooring.

Those are steps to make your small bedroom look roomy. You will be keen on your small but cozy bedroom for a good rest.