Small Bedroom Designs

Maximize Your Small Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where we feel freedom since this is our private place. This is the only room where nobody can enter as they like. This room is basically functioned as a place to take rest. We sleep in our bedroom after we have done many exhausting activities all day long. When you feel so tired you need a cozy place to lie on and take away the fatigue. Don’t let your sleep disturbed just because of uncomfortable bedroom. You can fix the room so that you can feel fresh for tomorrow’s activities.

You probably have a problem to design a neat and comfortable bedroom since it is small while you have to put some furniture to store all your private goods. Don’t worry about this. We have some tips to make small bedroom look more spacious. Yet, the first thing you have to pay attention is that you should not place large furniture within it. Then you may take a look at the following steps to maximize your small bedroom.

1. Choose a bed with simple model. Make sure that you place it not too high from the ground. Keep it as low as possible.
2. Place the bed in the corner of your room, close to the wall.
3. Put outside the headboard of your bed since it spends more space. If you need to put some decoration, you can hang some picture on the wall at the head of the bed. It is more efficient to keep your bedroom looking attractive.
4. Put only the fundamental furniture for your bedroom: bed, cupboard and bedside table. Make sure that you lay the large furniture against the wall.
5. Choose storage with slender design which stands vertically, like a highboy or closet instead of a triple dresser. For addition storage, you can pick out bedside table with drawers. You can also optimize storage for your goods by choosing cupboard with shelves or drawers. It is better than you put another closet or cupboard for storage since it will choke the room.
6. Do not put many pictures on all sides of the wall. Let one wall blank to reduce the crowd.
7. Avoid crowded patterns like flowers, polka dots, and stripes.
8. Choose pale color for painting. Yet, pick out pure-white for ceiling.
9. Use ceramic tile diagonal pattern for flooring.

Those are steps to make your small bedroom look roomy. You will be keen on your small but cozy bedroom for a good rest.

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